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001 jsAir - Learning and Developing JavaScript with Ashley G. Williams and Kyle Simpson

December 17, 2015

Ashley and Kyle know a thing or two about teaching JavaScript. These two wonderful people will jump on and chat with us about learning and developing this wonky language called JavaScript.

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Ashley G. Williams
Kyle Simpson
Brian Lonsdorf
Lin Clark
  • Tips: ESLint use it! To start using it on large codebases, add all files to .eslintignore and then tackle files one by one. This cuts down on the number of collisions with other PRs. Look for additional plugins, like the React ESLint plugin, and you can create your own
  • Picks: Async & Performance (plus the whole YDKJS series) and Understanding ES6
Matt Zabriskie
  • Tips: Use ESLint to enforce code style.
  • Picks: Foo Fighters Saint Cecilia EP (free on iTunes)
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JavaScriptAir is the live broadcast podcast all about JavaScript hosted by instructor Kent C. Dodds. Please visit the JavaScript Air website ( to see upcoming and past episodes. Also be sure to follow JavaScript Air on Twitter and Google+ to stay up to date with future episodes. Also, all episodes are on the YouTube channel as well.

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