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004 jsAir - Unit Testing JavaScript with Christian Johansen, Joe Eames, and Ward Bell

January 7, 2016

Testing in JavaScript comes with its own set of challenges. But in recent years, tools and patterns have been developed to make writing unit tests and tracking coverage much simpler than ever before. Join us as we talk with Ward Bell, Joe Eames, and Christian Johansen about unit testing JavaScript.

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Christian Johansen
Joe Eames
Ward Bell
Brian Lonsdorf
Kyle Simpson
  • Tips: When building a complex thing with parts that are unknown, focus first on mini prototypes of each of those unknowns. and Mentoring / coaching is essential to learning. Self-driven learning is good but only goes part of the way.
  • Picks: Fun Fun Function - Streams by @mpjme and Simplicity Matters
Tyler McGinnis
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