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027 jsAir - For the Beginners with Aimee Knight, Tim Dorr, and Max Stoiber

June 15, 2016

We're going to talk about when we were beginners, some of the things we wished we knew, some of our biggest early days goofs, our suggestions for newbies, etc. We'll also talk about making the community open to newbies/what can be done to increase this.

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Max Stoiber
Scott Moss
  • Tips: Try to use npm scripts directly for your next project and not a build tool like gulp
  • Picks: Overwatch
Kent C. Dodds
Brian Lonsdorf
Pam Selle
Kyle Simpson
  • Links: Software Engineering Daily podcast, episode with Kyle Simpson
  • Tips: Everyone: take a walk every single day, and replace one drink a day with water and Beginner Devs: write your code as simply and verbosely as possible, to explain your thinking (or lack of it!) clearly. Don’t just emulate the clever code you see from others.
  • Picks: SimpleHTTP2Server and demo, Brotli compression, and You Don’t Know JS, specifically Up & Going
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