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032 jsAir - Publishing JavaScript Packages with John-David Dalton, Stephan Bönnemann, James Kyle, and Henry Zhu

July 21, 2016

Doing open source involves a lot more than just coding up the tool/library. We're going to talk about the challenge of activly publishing an open source package on npm and some of the tools that have been developed to automate this process. Our guests have each developed some amazing tools, so you're in for a really interesting show!

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Links, Picks, and Tips:

  • Go home, stop working, take a vacation, don't work on the weekends.
  • Reduce barriers for contributions
  • If a repo is lagging in activity jump in as a contributor
  • Always bring your skateboard to the airport

  • If you figure out why istanbul/nyc is called nyc, let me know
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