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038 jsAir - Typed JavaScript with TypeScript and Flow with Jeff Morrison and Anders Hejlsberg

August 31, 2016

Adding typings to JavaScript is becoming more and more popular. We're going to chat with the creators of TypeScript and Flow to discuss the why and how behind typed JavaScript.

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  • Have a "just get it working" mentality. Then clean it up after

  • Follow your passion. Go Play. Write some new code. That’s how you do your best work. Try to enjoy what you’re doing.
  • There are lots of people coming to JS now. Lots of OOP programmings flowing into the ecosystem. JS can be a great FP language though. There’s a lot you can learn from studying FP in JS.

  • No matter how well you know something, keep your mind open to learn even more about it.

  • Functions should be input to output. Type systems help a lot more when you compose this way.
  • Stay away from Object|Any :)
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