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040 jsAir - (Rerun) Typed Functional Programming in JavaScript with Alfonso García-Caro, Richard Feldman, Phil Freeman, and Jordan Walke

September 17, 2016
NOTE: You may be wondering why this week is a rerun. Well, we actually did have a show this week at The Strange Loop and it was awesome! But I made a mistake by not setting my computer to use the microphone interface for the audio and so the sound is just using my MacBook's built-in microphone, which resulted in really terrible audio quality. I'm really sorry about this. I hope you enjoy this rerun of one of the more popular shows that is relevant to the type of conversations you would hear about at The Strange Loop.


"Tie your hands to free your mind" is a mantra you hear that applies really well to the constraints that you put on yourself by embracing statically typed languages and functional programming. We're going to hear from various people about their respective visions of typed FP in JS.

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Links, Picks, and Tips:

  • Don’t wait for a rewrite! Introduce a new language incrementally. Build a small thing that works. Get that small thing in production. Then expand.




  • Use an ide or vim setup
  • Learn to reason about type signatures alone
  • Constraints are great, but start simple and dial them up later
  • Write simple code w/o abstractions until you feel the pain - then learn abstractions to solve that
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