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044 jsAir - Async Patterns in JavaScript with Valeri Karpov and Peter Lyons

October 12, 2016

One of the distinctive aspects of JavaScript is how it deals with asynchronous operations (like reading a file or making a request to a database or server). We're going to talk about the different patterns you can follow with async in JavaScript

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Links, Picks, and Tips:

  • Seek out mentors and peers
  • Cultivate self-awareness for when your tools are not visual enough or not fast enough. Write custom tools/scripts early and often.
  • Think things through for yourself, don’t just take somebody’s word for it because they’re an "expert"
  • Write about your learnings, whether on a blog or to your team, best way to learn is to teach someone else
  • Do what you think is right and what you want to do.
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